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H2Tech Systems selected to partipate in CleanTech Open Cohort 2017!

CleanTech OpenWhat is CleanTech Open? CleanTech Open, founded in 2005, is a business accelerator focused exclusively on early stage clean technology start-ups. Since its beginning it has worked with 1,200 early stage companies that have grown into major cornerstones in the clean tech industry. CleanTech Open is the world's oldest and largest cleantech start-up accelerator. For information about CleanTech Oplen please follow this link, CleanTech Open Website.

Who We Are and What We Do

H2Tech Systems, formerly known as ETA Power Systems is a start-up company focused on developing technologies and fueling capabilities to support and accelerate the roll-out of a hydrogen fueling infrastructure in California. Our efforts are in direct support of Assembly Bill 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act, requirig California to develop regulations that will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 1990 levels by 2010.

ETA Power Systems was formed in April 2012 to explore and pilot test production of 100% clean hydrogen using solar panels and a proprietary electrolyzer design. Since then the prototype has been constructed as a proof of concept and our company is now in the process of establishing relationships with the National Labs and selected universities to enhance the design and commercialize the process.

H2Tech Systems has been formed with a three-fold business objective:

  • Construct and operate fueling stations in partnership with existing station owners;
  • Research and commercialize our clean hydrogen generation capabilities for both small-scale (on-site generation) and large-scale production; and
  • Future construction of a large-scale 100% clean hydrogen generation plant(s) to produce and distribute hydrogen to fueling stations across California.

Why Hydrogen Energy ?

The deployment of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure will be essential to meet California's clean air objectives. Here are some important facts about hydrogen as a fuel source:

Readily Available:

Hydrogen is a great source of energy because it is readily available. While it may take some work to access, there is no element in the universe as abundant as hydrogen.

No Harmful Emissions:

When hydrogen is burned, its leaves almost no harmful byproducts. In fact, when used in rockets, the burned hydrogen gas leaves behind clean drinking water for the astronauts. Burning of hydrogen as a fuel produces virtually no carbon by-products.

Environmentally Friendly:

Hydrogen is non-toxic, which makes it a rarity among fuel sources. Nuclear energy, coal, and gasoline are all either toxic or found in hazardous environments.

Fuel Efficient:

Hydrogen energy is a very efficient fuel source compared to traditional sources of energy and produces more energy per pound of fuel. A typical fuel cell electic vehicle can run approximately 300 miles on a full fuel cell charge.


Unlike non-renewable sources of energy hydrogen energy can be produced on demand. At H2Tech Systems we are working on ways to efficiently break molecules into separate hydrogen and oxygen molecules without using fossil fuels or producing carbon by-products.

Fast Refueling Time:

On average, hydrogen Fuel Cell Electic Vehicles (FCEV) can be charged in approximately 3-5 minutes. All electric vehicles however typically take from 4-22 hours if charged using residential charging sources or 30 minutes at a DC Quick-Charge Level 3 Station.

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